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Latch Guards

Here at Chicago Locksmiths, we get many questions about the technical differences between the parts that we use. We never mind answering these questions, as the more educated a home or business owner is about lock anatomy, the better prepared they are to protect their property and assets. Our locksmith experts provide installation, maintenance, and repair service for Knob Guards, Latch Guards, and Lever Guards - and can fully explain to you the differences between these essential pieces of equipment.

Latches are spring loaded machinery that attach from the door into the door jamb - equipment that burglars regularly attack in order to release the door from the jamb itself. Latch guards protect the door’s latch from any tools a burglar might use to try to pry it open - and due to this functionality, also work as a deterrent. For extra security, astragals are latch guards that are placed along the door’s entire length.

Installing Latch Guards in Chicago

All you need for a latch guard to be installed is a door. Latch guards - and even astragals - can be installed on all types of doors, regardless of shape, size, or manufacture.

Knob Guards

These are used to stop burglars from being able to wrench or pry the knob off the door, which would allow them to easily open up the door. Use a knob guard to cover up the doorknob, preventing a burglar from being able to manipulate some of the more delicate areas of the doorknob.

Lever Guards

These devices match knob guards besides the fact that they go over door levers rather than knobs. The lever has to be a ‘cut-off’ type in order for it to fit inside the lever guard, but even if you don’t have a cut off lever, it’s worth replacing yours with one in order to gain the extra protection that a lever guard provides you. This helps prevent the same type of easy access to your home or business that an unprotected knob provides a burglar with the right tools.

Installing Knob and Lever Guards

The majority of knob and lever guards are able to get installed right on top of your in-place knobs and levers. It’s important to keep in mind that since these devices prevent knobs and levers from being turned, they maintain what is called a ‘storeroom’ ability - meaning that that it’s locked from the outside at all times, and unlocked from the inside. This provides an extreme level of safety and security to your property, while additionally allowing you to exit quickly if needed.

We highly stress the importance of having a professional locksmith, like those at Chicago Locksmiths, provide any installation, maintenance, or repair services for all manners of guards, whether they be for knobs, latches, or levers. These devices are the absolute best for anybody looking to eliminate the chances of burglars breaking into their location through prying or wrenching tools - increasing your security level, your sense of peace-of-mind, as well as potentially lowering your insurance premiums. Don’t hesitate to contact our locksmith technicians if you have any questions - we’re always glad to answer them!